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Help Us to Help the Child

HELP US TO HELP THE CHILD (HUHC), was founded and rooted by Mr. Shwet Prakash Srivastava in February 2012, who did his B.Tech from ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad. He and his sincere team of friends have tried their might and main to contribute fully for this cause they initiated together. During his second year of graduation, he with his friends started teaching the children of workers(working in college) in the college. Sooner, some more students from college came forward to help this noble initiative. HUHC was his first step at ground level to fulfill all his dreams to make the life of poor kids, his life. HUHC realized the beauty of education in slums and took its initial step on July 17,2012 by opening its very first Literacy Camp at Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad, U.P.
HUHC is working for Child Literacy for over seven years now since its inception in Feb 2012. We have been dedicatedly working to ensure education to the children in slums. We have so far achieved success in awakening the people in slums about the importance of literacy and the result is very positive. They have now started sending their children to govt. run schools and some have even admitted their kids in nearby private schools with our help. Our team is continuously guarding and guiding them for their bright future.

We are working for

Helping Children  

  Right to Participation Expression, Thought, Information.
  Right to Development - to education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities.
  Right to Survival- Life, health, name.
  Right to Dream - To fulfil all the above rights.

Ensuring Better Life  

  Improving access to education.
  Improving quality of education.
  Improving governance and management of education.
We focus on aspects of a child’s development which are generally left neglected. Interactive sessions bring with them a lot of fun for the children.

Education For All  

Education is important in helping to improve lives, break the cycle of poverty and ensure that all people, particularly women have control over their destiny.
HUHC has the kids in building the potential for learning basic skills of literacy, mathematics, life skills and critical thinking in a supportive setting.


Amandeep Singh, EN
Ashit Kr. Singh, EC
Sarthak Gupta, CS
Yash Singhal, CS
Rupali Gupta, EN
Shivangi Kush, EC
Anuj Sahu, Civil
Bhargav Kaushik, EC
Divya Mishra, EC
Pankaj Kr., EC
Rashika Shukla, EC
Priyank, EN
Aakash Verma, EC
Shashi Kr. Sharma, EC
Prakhar Doneriya, EC
Piyush Katiyar, EC
Archit Garg, IT
Swati Kushwaha, EC
Harsh Aditya Vatsa, EC
Srashti Arora, CS
Snigdha Srivastava, CS
Rohan Mudgal, EC
Anirudh Mittal, CS
Pooja, CS
Praveen Mishra, EC
Yukta Anand, CS